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Info on Bali 1st Part-Paradise Island

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Description : a long experience in tourism and activities, is your summer and winter holiday service provider for the Bali and Beyond region.
Spezialized in active package in Bali, Lombok, and Java including varied accomodation, outdoor activities, local services to tourists.
THE LAND OF BALI ADVENTURE! This country consist of of many islands for more than 17,000 islands spread across 5,120 km of the tropical ocean. Its position is between Asia and Australia, four-fifths of the area is occupied by the sea, with the major islands of : Bali Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya . Dotted with volcanoes, covered with thick tropical rainforest and bright green rice fields, and surrounded by coral reefs, make this archipelago is one of the world's most beautiful places. We are an operator based localy and do our best to provide the best bali holiday service at the best price. Check it out and follow our special offers !


Info on Indonesia Bali 2nd Part-Paradise Island

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Description :Full fill your holiday on Bali with activities endeavors, there are a wealth of options to choose from. Fun, attractive and adventurous activities such as romantic cruise, bali dolphin tour, diving, fishing and snorkeling, wind-surfing, jet ski, or bali surf the wild wave, adventurous white water rafting, or pump up the adrenaline with bungee jumping, sling shot. For those inclined to pursue land exploration would be excited with bali jungle trekking and mountain hiking through the undisturbed rain forest or bali bicycling over the Balinese traditional villages. It will be an amazing holiday to remember



Info on Indonesia Bali 3rd Part-Paradise Island

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Description :
We maintain a contract agreement with a number of professional wedding organizer in Bali and can make all the arrangements for special day.We can provide you the best solutions for all your air travel arrangements. Please send us your requirements & we shall get back to you very fast with the best possible routine & fare. Indonesia Bali Hotel Vouchers are available in many denominations , so why not collect and save vouchers for the stay of your lifetime! Full fill your holiday on Bali with activities endeavors, there are a wealth of options to choose from We will help you manage your groups/tournament so that your play at each of the course will be enjoyable Our comprehensive bali cruise programs include a variety of bali activities with world-class facilities.we provide a wide range of facilities and services, from economy to super deluxe bali Hotels and Tour packages with experienced efficency.All give the island multiple colors and have been living together in harmony over the centuries.
Mountainous areas situated on the northern half of the island is full of fantastic landscapes