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Applying Your Make-up for Work

By Adem Martin del Campo
Co-owner & Beauty Consultant

Work and play have very different aspects to them. The same holds true when applying make-up for the different events. Generally for work you will use colors that are more neutral, like subtle colors and earth tones. This gives you a professional look and gives an aire of confidence to those you come in contact with. Most of the time if a person wears loud colors in a professional environment, everyone seems to not take that person seriously. Now let's get to the particulars.

Again I want to emphasize the use of earth tones for your professional look. You can still use three different eye shadows to create dimension in your eyes, just remember to use at least two earth tones in the combination of three shadows. Next when applying your eye liner use a slightly larger brush like our small shading brush instead of a brush like our Slant Tip brush. The idea here is that with a larger brush you will not create such a definite line, further creating a softer look. If you are asking yourself, why is all this important, I will tell you. It is still important to wear make-up at work for the secondary benefits it offers like, evening out your complexion, attracting attention to your eyes and finishing your look. The reason for the subtlety is you would like to be noticed for the work you do. It is important for people to recognize you for your achievements in the work place and not to attract "sexual" attention. That is the wrong place to attract that sort of attention. Let's move on to your blush. You can still wear color in your blush; just take it easy on the amount you apply. When you apply your mascara, apply enough to separate your lashes, giving your lashes a natural appearance. When it comes to your lips you have a few options. For true subtlety apply your blush color to your lips and finish it with a nice light lip gloss. Your second option is to just use a very neutral lipstick. Make sure not to line your lips. Lining your lips will draw too much attention to them, especially since the rest of your make-up is so subtle.

A great way to envision the points I made earlier is to think of the First Lady. Anytime you see her on television her make-up is very subtle, yet she still looks made up. You are looking to create the same thing. Remember you will go further on your achievements than on "looks".

Now it is time to leave work and maybe you have plans to go to dinner. What do you do? Well an easy way to change your "work" look into an "evening" look is to freshen up your blush, apply our Frosted Powder for a dewy look, and get out your favorite lipstick and you are ready for the evening.

Subtlety is the key here. Remember the example of the First Lady. Let your ability to do your job well carry you up the ladder instead of the way your make-up turns heads in the office.



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