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Mobile Phone Review

SonyEricsson T630, live pictures

Sony Ericsson decided to release T630 in order to make T610s life cycle larger, and to attract new groups of users. We wrote that such model will be released in the same day the as T610 was announced, and predicted all functions as well. The only mistakes weve made were the terms of release, they were moved a bit further since T610 was still popular, and there was no need in releasing another model.

T630s design reminds of Nokias models for the youth, especially Nokia 3100. Not looking at the fact that the phone looks more expensive, it still loses to T610s design significantly. You can compare these two phones visually, T630 looks simpler, but I believe that there are people who will like this design. This model is presented with only one cases color, and its white. Displays edging, buttons and sides have silver color. Sony Ericsson believes that the main users of this phone will be rich enough youths and women. Thats where this type of design comes from, however another reason for releasing such design is preventing competition between T610 and T630. Its not a replacement for T610; its another phone although it has almost exactly same technical specifications.


The first major change is TFD screen, its similar to the one used in Sony Ericsson Z600. The two displays are identical; however the presence of protection glass makes the difference. The picture looks good in both models, and its really hard to determine which one is better. T610 had STN type of screen, and you were actually unable to see anything when the display was encountering direct sunlight as a result. The TFD screen doesnt have such disadvantage.


The keyboard is presented as one single block. The keypads buttons are big enough and stick closely to each other. Working with such keyboard is rather comfortable, no problems were encountered. The joystick is identical to the one used in T610, its comfortable as well. The backlights color is white.


Camera is located on the phones back, its identical to the one used in T610. From now on you can take pictures in VGA resolution (640x480 pixels). Here are some samples (1, 2, 3 and 4). But the cams physical resolution has not been changed; scaling method is used in order to get VGA resolution pictures. The quality of original picture gets decreased significantly. Its better to edit the CIF-resolution image in any graphical editor, in order to get slightly better quality. This is why we cant actually say that something got improved, the phone uses same optics, scaling doesnt give any advantages. On the phones display all pictures look good, no matter what resolution they have, however you cant expect good picture quality on your PC. None of the current phones can offer you this, thats why I cant really understand why people want to use mobile phone cameras as an alternative to ordinary digital camera.

A new mirror was introduced in T630, its bigger than the one used in 610.

I wont describe the phones features since they are identical to the ones weve seen in T610. We already have a big and detailed review of that phone, so there is no need to do it again. The only change is Instant Messaging support, its an analogue of ICQ and we cant really predict if this feature will be in demand. Its all up to operators to decide either this function will be supported or no.


Actually these are all differences the new phone has. It will go for sale starting from the beginning of January. Considering that T610 was a successful model in its segment, we believe that T630 will be popular as well. However more specific design, rather high price in the beginning of sales will not allow to repeat the T610s success. Its a model that will keep the sales level before T650/T660 will be released (although these models were not officially announced). The starting price will be around 350-370 dollars. Buying this phone somewhere in April will be a better descision since it will cost around 250-260 dollars by that time. In my opinion buying T610 is still a better way to spend your money even though its display is worse. Currently its the most advanced phone in its segment. The only disadvantage is that this phone became really popular, and you can often see it around, which means you wont be unique.

P.S. The most interesting part about T610 and T630 is that T610s firmware can be upgraded to T630s one, this means that the older model will get Instant Messaging support. But thats all what you will get. We dont know if this option will be official and available in Service Centres yet.

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