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Body Jewelery allows a sense of personal style


In todays culture, body jewelery is far more prevalent than it was in the past especially considering its vast use throughout history.  The influences of various cultures of the past have converged to give the modern wearer of body jewelery a vast selection of types, materials, and even locations to wear it.

These days, body jewelery of various types is worn in a variety of ways earrings, lips piercings, tongue rings, eyebrows, navel, fingers, toes, and a few other places that make the more squeamish shudder.

There are many things to consider when selecting body jewelry

Some of the things to consider when deciding on what body jewelery you want to wear include whether or not you need to be pierced for it (not always an option for some people for various reasons),  what size should it be this often depends on where you will be wearing it - and what material is it made from.  For some, precious metals like silver or gold are key, while others may prefer glass, plastic, or even organics like bone or wood.  Weight is also a consideration for example titanium is often preferred over steel because it is 50% lighter.

Modern Body Jewellery

Body jewellery has been used by many cultures throughout history for many purposes.  Today, it has become quite fashionable to wear body jewellery of many different types, whether it is on the ears, lip, eyebrows, tongue, navel, fingers, or toes.  Whether it is for a special occasion, party, or just to wear around, body jewellery allows the wearer to be fashionable and flexible in what their personal style is.

These days, you dont even need to be pierced; non-piercing body jewellery allows anyone to change their appearance with accessories that suit the occasion. 

Body jewellery made of what?

With the internet, one can find body jewellery in a countless selection of designs and types, made from many different materials.  Have a navel or eyebrow piercing?  There is a variety of straight and curved barbells and captive bead rings out there, made from titanium, gold, silver, surgical stainless steel, or even plastic or PTFT.  Looking for something more exotic or earthy?  Many pieces are made from organic materials such as bone or wood; theres something for every taste, and selection has never been better.


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